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Why You Should Be Using Vehicle Graphics to Advertise Your Business

How much do you spend on advertising? What does your marketing budget look like? Are you funneling your advertising dollars into products that are just not working for you? Vehicle graphics can be a very inexpensive and effective way to advertise your business. Your vehicle is your rolling billboard and can provide hundreds of thousands of impressions in a month. You have to drive to work, to various jobs, run errands, meet with clients, right? Everytime you are rolling down the road, your ad can be seen by an undetermined amount of potential new customers. Vehicle graphics don't just provide identification but also establish brand awareness and professionalism. There are many options available as you can see from the images on this page.

Vinyl Lettering

  • No background

  • Letters and logos cut to exact shape from sheet of solid-colored vinyl or digitally printed vinyl

  • Available in many different flat, metallic and translucent colors

  • For use on windows, doors, and other painted vehicle surfaces

Reflective Decals & Lettering

  • Plotter cut logos & letters

  • A variety of solid colors to choose from

Digital Decals and Graphics 

  • Die cut graphics and decals. 

  • Custom designs to fit your needs and display your message on digitally printed vinyl

  • Available in full color on regular, high performance or reflective media

  • For use on windows, doors, and other painted vehicle surfaces

Perforated Vinyl (view through vinyl material)

  • Perforated background material that accepts digitally printed imagery

  • Allows you to see outside the vehicle while others are unable to see inside

  • Image printed directly onto perforated vinyl material with UV-resistant ink

  • Unlimited color options

  • For use on rear and side windows of vehicle.


  • Various digitally printed or white backgrounds

  • Custom designs, logos, DOT numbers, messages applied to heavy duty magnetic material 

  • Custom shapes available

  • For use on non-aluminum bodied vehicles

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