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Frequently Asked Questions

We've listed the questions we get asked most frequently. We hope this information is helpful to you.

Q) Can you design a custom sign for me?

A) Most definitely. Almost all our work is of a custom nature and we have designers on staff to assist with any artwork or design you may need.

Q)  Can I get a quote ASAP (same day) when I call you?

A)  Yes, on some small signs that we do frequently and are commonly purchased products. And really depends on several factors. The first is the type of sign you need, the dimensions of the sign(s), how many you require, and what materials are needed to construct your sign. Production processes and deadlines play into the cost as well. Not all signs are created equal, some are more involved than others.

Q) Will my sign require a permit?

A) Maybe, it depends on the type of sign, also the size and location of the sign. We won't always know until we verify it with the sign administration. Most exterior signs in Harris County or the City of Houston will require permits that must be renewed every year.

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