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The Impact of Interior Wall Signs

Clients, employees, colleagues and friends are affected by the way a company presents itself. What better way to present your business than with a beautifully designed wall sign? Your decor and the signage all will tell a story about your company and the products and services you provide. Fortunately, there are many options available to you today. Dimensional letters and logo signs are available in plastic, acrylic, metal, foam and wood, just to name a few of the options you can choose from.  

Interior signage, dimensional letters and logos

CNC cut foam letters with a brushed gold aluminum laminate.

Digital print on gatorboard foam mounted with standoffs.

GEMCC Logo Wall.png

Brushed aluminum letters on stacked rock wall.

A sign's main purpose is identification, it can also be a source of company pride and enhance your office decor. We specialize in creating custom signs that customers are proud to display.

A colorful sign is eye catching as well as purposeful. It tells a story as well as providing information or directions. Creative signs can be inviting and comforting to your audience. Consider adding a colorful sign to your interior space today. There are many different options for whatever type of sign you may need.


Cut vinyl on acrylic mounted with standoffs on drywall.

Directory and Directional Signs are Important

It's important for customers and visitors to find their way around when visiting your office. They will appreciate being able to easily find their way around your facility. Make it easy by providing a directory to help them locate what they are looking for or direct them to exits, restrooms, or indicate areas that are restricted. Directories can hang from the ceiling or the wall, placed on a counter or be free standing depending on what your needs are.

Sign Designs Now can supply all your interior signage needs. Just call us at 281.359.1300 today or use our contact form to request a custom quote today.

Office Directory.jpg
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