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Information about the City of Houston Sign Code

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The Houston Sign Code contains the rules and regulations regarding the design, construction and installation of signs within the city. (In some communities, certain governing bodies such as homeowners' associations or community management associations, also have regulations in place concerning the use of signage.) All entities must comply with the sign code. If for some reason your signage is found to be non-compliant, you could be fined and your signage removed by the city officials at your expense.


In the City of Houston, any commercial sign containing the name of a business, or containing any form of advertisement, within certain dimensions, will require a permit.

It is a process that will require the assistance of a licensed sign contractor. A sign contractor will also have contacts within the sign administration whom they can verify the necessity of any types of permits. Your initial sign permit, (the one you acquired for brand new signage) will typically be valid for 6 months. After, this "initial stage", you will be required to renew your permit every year and will be billed accordingly by the city. If you fall under the jurisdiction of a management association of any sort, they will require you to keep your sign well maintained and attractive or fines could be incurred.


Once your sign permit has been approved by the sign administration, it's important to act quickly, especially if you are installing a large electrical sign with illumination or moving parts. Large and complex signage can take quite some time to construct and install, therefore it is important to begin the production process as soon as your permit has been approved.

Should you or your organization choose to erect signage without first acquiring a permit, there's a chance that you could be fined. You can also be fined if your permit has expired. The sign administration could also order you to remove the signage until a permit has been acquired.

The Importance of Getting Expert Advice About Your Signage Needs

It isn't just new signage that requires a permit. If you are doing any reconstruction to an existing sign, it may require a permit. We can act as your agent in communicating with the sign administration to determine what is required for any type of signage project.


Acquiring a sign permit can be an intimidating and frustrating experience if you are unfamiliar with all the requirements, and there are a few. By working with Sign Designs Now, you are getting expert assistance with the regulatory and sometimes cumbersome task of acquiring a sign permit. We do this frequently and are familiar with what the sign administration requires to get your permit approved. The sign administration is notorious for randomly inspecting signs around our area. If you ever see a sign with a flourescent orange tag on, that's a sure indication of non-compliance of some sort. Don't put yourself in a position to be fined for non-compliance. Engage Sign Designs Now to work with you on your custom signage project to ensure you are compliant.

Request your custom quote from Sign Designs Now today.

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